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24 hours a day, 356 days a year we provide a wide range of transfer services for our clients. We specialize in personal transport.

Our satisfied clients are private persons, companies, schools, pre- schools and others.

We also provide courier services for weights up to 200 kgs (or the maximum possible size within our cars' capacity) and attendance services for oversize loads transport.

We care very much for your safety and comfort. That is why, our CarPark consists of excellent Mercedes Benz cars and buses:

Mercedes Benz E - for up to 4 passengers.
Minibus Mercedes Benz D412 - for up to 20 passengers.
Mercedes Benz Tourismo - buses for more than 20 passengers.

And, in co-operation with our partners, we can also arrange other types of buses. It only depends on the needs of our clients and whether they choose a smaller Marbus Viveo bus or an Ayats double-decker.

All cars and buses are equipped above standard and will even satisfy the most demanding of clients.

In the same way as with the quality of our car park, we lay the stress on our team of people. All of us are professionals, skilled in communicating with people.

Co-operation with our partners allows us also to offer you a wide range of tours to various world famous destinations!






Our Partners:

Car-Tour travel agency.